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Thoughts of the Day
Birthday Drinks 
17th-Nov-2008 04:11 pm
holy crap
So, yesterday was my 22nd birthday..If a calender is owned you can see that it was on a sunday, so in order to properly celebrate it while being sociable-ly accepted on a monday, I went out on saturday. Needless to say, I was able to go into all the bars free as well as have many a free rounds. I started out the night pretty easy at the Greyhound around 1030ish with two cranberry greygooses followed by two long island's, by this time (1200ish) we left b/c a lot of people was there but they weren't doing anything. We made a quick detour to the Arctic Bar to see if we recognized anybody, but since it was Fiddlers Festival weekend the bar was not as full as we were hoping. So with two Alaskan Ambers down and by 1245ish, we finished off the night at the Marlin. Bumped into even more friends who were happy to see me as well as more than happy to buy me some more to drink b/c a birthday comes but once a year. The first round went with a shot of tequila as well as a long island for me. After the shot was done, we settled in the back to bullshit around. 1/2 hour later, another shot of tequila as well as another another long island with some more bs'ing. Not long after the shot and unbeknown to be a few friends went to the live band and requested the Happy Birthday Song. 2:30ish came by and another shot of tequila and a long island down, I was starting to feel the drunkness creeping up. So with the next few rounds devoted to just water helped to even myself out as well as the necessary re-hydration, I started to mellow out..Still talking with friend in the back, I just happened to glance at my watch and noticed that it was 2:42am, as soon it became 2:43am I showed everyone and declared that it was officially my 22nd birthday..Another long island down and with last call came the final round came to a shot of crown with an alaskan amber for chaser..When I realized I was being driven back to the dorms, talked with a few friends smoking outside and made my way up to my room..Before passing out I had a liter of bottled water that I downed and finally fell asleep..All in all, my birthday was a blast and I had a great time..FIN
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